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What Do Mentors/Coaches Do?

Right now airlines can’t hire pilots fast enough. They are putting students through programs at record speed to meet industry demands.


How can a mental or coach possibly help with any of that,
Well, they can, and they have.


So you may ask the question, why is mentoring important? Mentors understand the stresses and fears that come with new beginnings and new careers. Since mentor pilots have been down the same road before, they can guide another person through the journey. Mentors can be a role model, voice of reason, or a trusted resource that helps mentees grow professionally.


Our P2W mentors and coaches are here to help with both the practical and psychological aftermath of what not only what the last two years have impacted your mental and psychological health, but more so the demands of a high demanding, high performance career that you’ve chosen.

Get the mENTORING/coaching you need

At Piloting 2 Wellbeing we follow a blended approach to mentoring which is very closely aligned with the Kent State Mentoring/Coaching guidelines as well as Functional Medicine Coaching.
Give us a try? Check out the “team” by browsing their profiles on this website) and see who you think you’d be best suited to chat with you.
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